It's called Biohazard in Japan. Why is it called Resident Evil everywhere else?

#11Hawke0Posted 10/9/2012 5:02:22 AM
ReceiverxWisdom posted...

It's like everyone says though "Resident Evil just sounds cooler."

Not really.
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DetBeauregard posted...
This series is about science being taken too far, but the word "evil" carries a religious, not scientific, connotation. Thus it makes little sense, unlike Biohazard, which fits the series far better.

But yes, "Resident Evil" is a more memorable title.

Eh no. Evil is just not related to religion buddy.
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#13Steven-ChasePosted 10/9/2012 2:38:25 PM
While I'm sure the original name was intended specifically for the first game, the name makes sense for all future iterations... Because no matter how you look at it, EVERY game is about being in a new location where all of its residents are essentially your enemy. The residents of a mansion, the residents of a city, the residents of an island prison, and especially lately where we start delving into the residents of foreign countries... Spain, Africa, Europe, China...

I think Resident Evil sounds better simply because of how generic Biohazard sounds. I also don't like the name Biohazard because, when I first played RE1, there was at least an air of uncertainty on what caused the zombies and monsters in the mansion. With the name Biohazard, you immediately know "oh, science."

As for "evil" implying religion... I don't think it's very arguable that a virus that causes people to turn into rotting monsters whose fate is to either eat human flesh or get their heads blown off can be anything other than "evil". If it's not "evil" to you... then you might be Albert Wesker.