What's the scariest game you've ever played?

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4 years ago#131

PS1 game. Very good, very frightening.
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4 years ago#132
i dont get scared from games, closest to it for me is clock tower 3. im always like "GET...THE F***...AWAY FROM ME!" to all the killers, and "oh s***! he knows im here!" and "i know hes gonna pop up! come out already!"
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4 years ago#133
Fatal Frame 3. Incredibly dark and creepy atmosphere that actually left me scared even after I stopped playing:)
Also, ghosts scare me more than zombies for some reason, so I guess no RE can ever scare me as much as the Fatal Frame games do.
4 years ago#134
Fatal Frame 2 and 3
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4 years ago#135
I would give it to Fatal Frame 2
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4 years ago#136
Lone Survivor
But when I was little Banjo Kazooie scared me to a point I cried
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4 years ago#137
Maybe Corpse Party.
Slender, the first time I played it, because I had no idea what to do or what to expect.
4 years ago#138
Luigi's Mansion

I'm not really a horror fan. :p
4 years ago#139
a tie between Silent Hill and Silent Hill 4 The Room
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4 years ago#140
Clock Tower on PSX
Killing Time on 3DO.
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