What's the scariest game you've ever played?

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Not to derail the topic or anything but how is a game published by Microsoft (Mass Effect) being ported over to a Sony console? That kind of doesn't make any sense from a business standpoint, but if it's true, you aren't gonna catch me complaining. Almost gives me hope of seeing a Bayonetta 2, eventually. Did Microsoft finally sell the rights to Mass Effect 1 off or something?
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The Fatal Frame / Project Zero series takes it, by far, overall. Perhaps the best setting, atmosphere, character situation, story, enemies, etc. If you want a truly scary game (not just dark or disturbing) look no further.

Fear is actually a very strong contender, I think. Which is quite something when you think about it. A normal or weak protagonist? Nope. Zombies, monsters, etc.? Not so much. ....You use a camera as your only line of defense before being brutally killed? Locks and loads, so no way. Then, surely, you have no ammo to use the weapons, right? Wrong again. Seriously, you spend most of the time with very powerful characters with lots of weapons and ammo fighting SOLDIERS. And, you're not even trapped in a remote location trying to survive. You actually travel a lot in the games (more common lately than it used to be). And yet, though the atmosphere provided (which is one of the best in any of these games, btw), the excellent enemy AI added some actual difficulty (especially on higher difficulties), and the story aspects being more in the background and resolving only over time more than usual, it comes like it does. Probably the most underrated one, though.

Dead Space is probably the only new gen. series which is very scary, really. But, it's very hit and miss with that kind of atmosphere and things end up being more surprise than scare, often. Not to say it's not scary. I actually put it in the my top three survival-horror.

Bioshock has some moments and a good atmosphere not one of horror, really.

SIlent Hill has a very strong psychological aspect which goes more toward terror than scare, though. It'd make you think more than scare you, really. But, as far as psychological horror goes, it's the top in my opinion.

Resident Evil... just no. Well, to be more accurate, the situation is great for it and there are some instances but the great setup for horror just... you can't say it's really scary if it never caused any fear... ever. So, great horror series but not scary. Which is partly why I don't have as much of a problem with its development. It seems logical to me with the change of plot and the reasons for the change in the game world.

Corpse Party must be mentioned. It's definitely a great one with some scary moment, great atmosphere, and great story. For those who don't know it, it's a PC game series that's become a PSP game series through remakes and the new games which is very dark and disturbing, with high schoolers being pulled into basically a ghost story situation of epic proportions. I say epic but it's amazingly personal as characters are well developed and the story's excellent but leaves some mystery, not the epic whereas the world needs saving by person A and person B to stop person C (none of whom really matter much if they can do what they need to do, let's face it). Though, the gameplay is so retro it's hard to have it as scary as some of the others, no matter what.

Parasite Eve is a series nobody's mentioned but deserves consideration. It has a some good moments but I'd also go for it not being the scariest, for certain.

Clock Tower is kinda scary, but mostly in the sense of gameplay. Which could easily be duplicated in any of these games if they wanted. For instance the chase sequence with Sae in Fatal Frame 2 comes to mind. Beyond that, it's more of a dark and possibly disturbing thing than scary.

A lot of the games outside of larger series that have been mentioned are good mentions but I found a lot of them to not be dark, disturbing, horrific, and the like. But, aside from the "jump scares" which are recovered from... even though some have a lot of them, the overall feeling isn't generally as much as the series games. Amnesia is probably the closest one, though, I definately admit.
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Alone in the Park.

I'm now scared to go to any park because it.
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Mister_Zurkon posted...
kissdadookie posted...
kangarooz posted...
The original Silent Hill 1. Im sorry but Dead Space will never be scary as long as the monsters keep droping prizes and goodies for you to pick up. It doesnt matter what the music is like or the graphics. as long as i see a monster and think dollar signs instead of "oh crap i hope he doesnt see me" then it will never be scary.

In other words, you haven't really played the game then, because if you did, you would know that the music or graphics had nothing to do with it being scary.

Dead Space had one trick up it's sleeve and it wasn't the fear of death. It was the simple aspect of it being the equivalent of someone sneaking up behind you completely undetected and yelling and shaking you suddenly.

Too bad you are a tank in that game. The goal is literally to explode zombies into tiny pieces, Wacky Ragdoll physics included.

Also the Death Animations seem more like Deleted Metaloclypse Scenes.

Again, the game isn't designed to scare you in the sense of instilling a sense of fear for death. The scares are the old school jump out at you and surprise scare attack you so that you literally jump. It's also so good at that, that somewhere down the line, if you are dreading turning a corner or what not, it's not due to fear of dying but more of you not wanting to jump out of your seat again. It's like a rollercoaster ride basically, nothing too impressive AFTER the fact but super effective in the moment.
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Silent hill 3. The whole creepy blood stuff freaked the s*** out of me.
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LIFE by the end I was stuck with 8 kids, no wife, and just a highschool diploma.

Standard horror games don't really bother me, jump scares have almost no effect, games like Silent Hill don't scare me because I'm unable to suspend my disbelief to the point where it seems possible.

So I guess I Am Alive, not really a horror game, but yea.
(I should mention that I do like horror games. lol)
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Arumat808 posted...
Slender. This kind of stuff gets into my head, I don't know why.

I was wondering when someone was gonna say this. I completely agree.
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ZeroX91 posted...
LIFE by the end I was stuck with 8 kids, no wife, and just a highschool diploma.

Standard horror games don't really bother me, jump scares have almost no effect, games like Silent Hill don't scare me because I'm unable to suspend my disbelief to the point where it seems possible.

So I guess I Am Alive, not really a horror game, but yea.
(I should mention that I do like horror games. lol)

That's not really a problem with suspending disbelief, your problem is that your thoughts are so completely occupied by other issues that there's nothing to spare for you even have the chance to be affected by jump scares, etc. Afterall, if you're essentially not paying attention to anything else aside from what you are completely preoccupied in, it would be very hard to distract you (which is what jump scare are) or get you to ponder on something psychologically horrifying (since that requires you to actively think about the psychologically horrifying thing).
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Dead Space 1, Siren and believe it or not "Hexen". Can't remember the bad guys name who tracks you forever and you could never kill him. Completed the whole game like that ha-ha. I had nightmares about that SOB following me.
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