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Who were you in RE1 and RE2 and why?

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User Info: DrStrangelove88

4 years ago#1
For your first time ever play through of REmake or RE: DC who were you and why.

Same thing for RE2.

For the original I was Chris first. For REmake I was Jill first. I was kind of a chauvinist in 1997. Women had no business being protagonists. In 2002 for REmake I was Jill for graphical reasons.

RE2: I was Leon first because his disc was the first one I saw.
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User Info: N7Spectre707

4 years ago#2
I prefer playing as male characters over female ones...probably because I am male and find playing as females...weird. Although playing Ada's campaign was ok. Dem crawl spaces.
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User Info: Vergil92

4 years ago#4
Chris because...I don't remember really, and Leon because he was a cop (I was kind of little when I played them lol).
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User Info: Albert1285

4 years ago#5
Jill most of the times both in RE1 and Remake. I also liked Chris, he was very cool at those times before I stared hating him (RE5)

In RE2 I don't care , I play with both equally.

User Info: koroko_korobase

4 years ago#6
Chris, because he's boss.
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User Info: ReceiverxWisdom

4 years ago#7
RE1 - DC: Chris
REmake: Chris
Reasons: Challenge. I love challenging myself through rigorous circumstances because I love having the sense of overcoming all adversity in the end when the game is over. The Chris game is harder because of inventory issues. Don't get me wrong, I did replay Jill mostly because of mr.Burton (hilarity reasons) hands down.

RE2: Claire A
Reasoning: Claire A / Leon B is the official RE2 canon. I knew this on my first through & wanted to go in order.
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User Info: ravenscourge

4 years ago#8
Jill and Claire, respectively.

Jill got more item space.

And Claire, well, I just loved Claire. A lot.
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User Info: linkdarrel

4 years ago#9
My first Resident Evil experience was watching my Dad play and his first play was as Chris, but died right off the bat because Chris does not start out with a gun, and my Dad kind of sucks at games. This was back in when the game came out and I was seven at the time. He then started to play as Jill because she starts out with a gun and has more room to hold stuff. For that reason, more holding space, the first time I played I played as Jill. Also I sort of knew what to do for the first half of the game.

For Resident Evil 2 I played as Leon. I played the games out of order, it went 1, 3, CV, 4 and then 2. I had already known that both disks were a whole game so I let my cousin borrow one disk while I played the other and he wanted to play as Claire because he had played CV but not 4. I had played both CV and 4 so it did not really matter to me which I played first.

Side note, I have gotten all endings in the first three games for every character. I do miss having different endings depending on how you played the game. Another side not, and I know Dishonored does, but most games don't have different endings depending on how you played the game. I was really pumped about Deus Ex because it has four different endings, but you chose which one you want at the very end.
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User Info: crimsonfoxm1911

4 years ago#10
RE1 jill, mostly for barry

RE2 claire, because i liked her loadout better, the Colt S.A.A., a crossbow and a grenade launcher = **** YEAH

although leons custom magnum was pretty badass to
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