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Ada Wong new face [spoiler)

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4 years ago#1
When I saw Ada I really thought her face was remodeled after Carla Bruni. Later we found out it was a clone named Carla, what a coincidence. Carla Bruni is fromer french president's wife, look at it.
4 years ago#2
Thanks for ruining how I see Ada Wong as a sexy asian girl.
4 years ago#3
Yes, the similarities are definitely there! Ada doesn't look anything like a stereotypical ethnic Chinese woman that's for sure.
4 years ago#4
She is damn sexy in her black trousers but that Carla Bruni face is terrible, full of botox pale face.
4 years ago#5
well, Ada Wong's face isn't exactly real either.
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  3. Ada Wong new face [spoiler)

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