RE6 does well despite low reviews.

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4 years ago#21
good_tobi posted...
Yuji Kaido posted...
I think this part of the article sums it up nicely.

Again, I donít know how much reviews really matter if gamers want to play a game bad enough, and in the case of Resident Evil 6, so far it hasnít put a dent in the gameís success.

RE has a long history and its a big franchise. It would take a lot to affect the sales of RE game than a few whinny reviews perhaps a reboot may be.

I would say it would take maybe one or two more Raccoon cities.
4 years ago#22
Zed7777ZR1 posted...
back in 1996 gamers didn't need reviews to buy a game ...

in 1996 only a handful wrote reviews about games and the ywere so thrilled t odo so they were over-exagerrating ...

2012 hipsters now write major company reviews.
4 years ago#23
VolcanoBoulder posted...
...Skyrim got bad reviews? When? Where?

when people starting getting game breaking glitches, game freezes and crashes, and then backwards flying dragons. it didnt get many bad critic review, just like RE6, reviewers seem either afraid to rate big titles low, or their company is paid off to encourage them not to.
but just click on the game on here and look at the bunch of 4/10 and 2/10 reviews.
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4 years ago#24
I don't pay much attention to reviews. Even after playing the game i would buy it over again.
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4 years ago#25
RE6 does well despite low reviews.

lol ORC again?
4 years ago#26
cirus 7 posted...
yea, 2.4 with europe and the rest of asia added in sounds about right, like i said before europes sales will make an impact, just not a big one. but thats still not a good sign for the game as far as it selling those 4.5 million that already shipped, much less the ridiculous 7 million copies capcom said they expected to sell.

lets compare to last falls big title, skyrim.
skyrim sold 3.4 million copies in its first 48 hours, and sold roughly 7 million worldwide in its first week. in the 11 months since the end of its first week of release, it has sold 3 million more copies. sales take a nosedive after the first week, and usually crash into the ground by the end of the first month.
RE6 is selling at about 1/3 the numbers skyrim did, which comes out to just over 3.3 million in total sales if it were to follow the same sales trend.
and skyrim is a perfect comparision, because when it was released it was pretty much broken, and suffered the same bad reviews and a large ammount of first month used trade ins, just like what is happening with RE6.

are u smokin??

96% average scores with based on 89 critics means bad review?? wow dumb ass.
4 years ago#27
RyuuHou25 posted...
634,933 on Playstation 3, 41,652 Xbox 360 versions sold *laughs*

I'm pretty sure that 41000 460 versions sold only in Japan, n 360 version actually did better than ps3 version in NA. still its very surprising that it sold that many in Japan alone for ps3, I guess Japanese really love their own brand no matter how bad it is.
4 years ago#28
I don't care about other games...Its not relevant in this forum.

I guess Capcom can predict their sales and its going to be 7 million copies in a year.
1st week... 2.4 millions
Now lets wait for the 2nd week sales =)
4 years ago#29
Most buyers are casuals that probably won't even finish the games. Reviews matter to maybe .5% of the gaming community. Of course sales wouldn't be deterred.
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4 years ago#30
NessaJ_TuN posted...

are u smokin??

96% average scores with based on 89 critics means bad review?? wow dumb ass.

seems like your smoking something more potent them me, cause for starters, you linked to the xbox 360 skyrim page not ps3, the page for the ps3 skyrim is here:

the user score is what matters not critic score, if you had followed the news around skyrims release, you would realize bethesda refused to send any review site or mags a a ps3 version, they would only send out xbox so reviewers did not realise the ps3 game was busted and give the game a low score. more then 1 review site/mag said they had to go buy a retail ps3 copy to be able to play and review it. which reflects back to my earlier point, that game developers can, have and will do questionable things to get their game a high review score, even if it does not deserve it.

as for the skyrim ps3 user score, that would be a 5.6 out of 10 based in 1665 ratings. xbox user score is a bit higher at 8.3, because the glitches on the xbox version got fixed alot sooner then ps3.
yes the game is worthy of a 96/100 now, months after all the glitches and problems were fixed, but that was not he case on release month. thats why the user score is dragged down so much, all the 9/10 scores from satisfied gamers get offset by the 1/10 scores from people whose game was glitched so bad it was unplayable for the first 2 months.

but thats all kind of off topic. the point is that sales drop off very quickly after release week, i can not name 1 game whose first week sales were not higher then the remaining 3 weeks of the month. and its very are to see a games lifetime sales be higher then double its first week sales.
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