Does it fell too much like Call of Duty to you

#51sflowers539(Topic Creator)Posted 11/4/2012 8:02:07 AM
I still think it is very close to COD, all the other RE games had guns and stuff before, you it is stupid to say “now every game that has guns is a COD clone”. The others had guns and felt nothing like COD, including RE5 which was made in the modern COD era. I just think many games, even subconsciously are starting to move closer to the COD style as they know people will like it. Look at the last Resistance game last year, they changed the controls to almost totally mimic COD, their multiplayer became COD with aliens as they included kill streaks and the same objective based games for the first time, ect…. The most telling thing in RE6 is the objectives in the campaign match, COD, hold of waves of people, shoot down the chopper, rescue the hostage, take out anti-aircraft guns, plant the C4 in the right places, ect… There is also plenty of ammo around and it seem you can take/give out more hits than ever before, before something dies, which also feels more like COD.
#52Mr_Big_BossPosted 11/4/2012 8:22:30 AM
I don't play COD, so I wouldn't know if it plays like it or not.

This game does feel like a mindless shooter though, I assume that's what COD is like.
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