Capcom if you are reading this..

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As long as they bring back Claire, I don't care if the next game is a rainforest saving simulator on a harvest moon type engine.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and no offense, but I'm glad as far as Capcom is concerned yours doesn't count.

Why not? That'd be a better game than RE6, no matter what.
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Capcom: I don't read English. I read Japanese.
Me:@_@ But you type English.

lol XD
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Hello, I'm Capcom. No.
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zombzs posted...
Bring back Helena Harper

what makes you say that?
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Dear Zombzs.
We fully appreciate that you liked our new character Helena, but we will not be brining her back unfortunately. We'd rather just make up some more boring characters for the future.

Yours faithfully.

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