in a Zombie-Outbreak,Which RE character would you like to have as a partner?

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User Info: brainlack

4 years ago#21
kevin is much more intelligent than leon much more faster and leon only have quickshot kevin have a potshot and kevin has a 99% mark in accuracy test when as leon only 40% why did leon got the overated role when kevin was thrown to trash stupid capcom
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User Info: Reckless_Blade

4 years ago#22

Not letting him drive any vehicles though.

Leon: Get in. I'll drive.
Me: Oh no you ain't! Scoot it, budy!
Leon: T^T
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User Info: qwertyMrJINX

4 years ago#23
David King, because he's a sexy plumber.

Oh, and his skill-set would really come in handy, but mostly the sexy plumber thing.
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User Info: DChybridking

4 years ago#24
Chris because he can punch boulders for christ sakes. I was gonna go with ada but I'd more than likely get killed because I'm staring at her ass
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User Info: Mrbone5

4 years ago#25


User Info: Lovethepython

4 years ago#26
Mrbone5 posted...


Lol he wouldn't give a s*** about you and leave you for dead.
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User Info: Lovethepython

4 years ago#27
Leon - he'll be a good partner but won't let him drive.

Chris - It will be his way or the high way.

Barry - would proberly get me killed from laughing at him to much and letting my guard down.

Jill - would be handy for locked doors (if it can't be kicked down).

Claire - she'll keep on about Chris and get irritating.

Wesker - I wouldn't trust him, thinking hes gonna kill me any minute.

Rebecca - would proberly make her jump and get sprayed and blinded.

Ada - she will spend most of the time leaving you behind while running and swinging between buildings.

Billy - he'll always stick by my side.

I'll choose Jill.
The death cannot hear.

User Info: BlueRamza

4 years ago#28
Leon - he'll be a good partner, but his ability with anything with a motor rules him out.

Chris - Too much self pride and his partners tend to die.

Barry - Would kill everything by himself while I watched. Not so much a partner with Barry as an observer... so I'm going to say he doesn't count as a partner choice.

Jill - is an ok partner, but she got the self pride thing going on as well, just like Chris.

Claire - almost perfect survivor, but since she never seems to be around outbreaks ether.

Wesker - Would inject me with X virus so I can keep up, no thank you.

Rebecca - very self understanding and an almost perfect survivor too, better odds of being around when trouble hits.

Ada - Could be fun to work with, I snipe and she does her stealthy mission.

Billy - again would be good if he was around.

So I would probably end up partner to Ada, but I would prefer Rebecca.
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User Info: lebronwadebosh

4 years ago#29
come to think of it , all of chris' partner nearly died .. and now he manages to kill one

User Info: MissNaye

4 years ago#30
No matter who I choose, I would die, so since I am female, I would love to be with Leon or Chris. Hopefully I would at least do it before I die.....
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