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"The ultimate life form..." (Poll)
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So i decided to play this game again... (Archived)
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Should CO-OP in story mode Be in future games (Archived)
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Recursive Unlocking: RE's Map Design with Data Visualization (Archived)icantsee112/2 11:56PM
What weapon type does each character specialize in? (Archived)parkourboybryan812/2 9:05PM
So any news of a complete or gold editon yet? (Archived)mixx814711/30 7:46PM
This game worth picking up on PSN? (Archived)
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Anybody wanna help me in mercs? (Archived)Syn_Vengeance311/29 3:18PM
" Your right hand comes off"? (Poll)
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Do you agree with this top 10 moments video? (Archived)sbn4311/29 8:34AM
Am I the only one here? (Archived)HardDifficulty811/28 3:52PM
" You were almost a (insert female character) sandwich". (Poll)Grimmgamer13611/28 2:17PM
"Hope this is not Chris's blood" (Poll)Grimmgamer13911/28 10:01AM
Steel Beast (Archived)kwarantine511/27 10:03PM
2 ways to restore stamina really fast (Archived)David2929611/27 7:52PM
The Search for the Ultimate Partner (Archived)
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Speculation topic: Characters that might return for RE7. (Archived)
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