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Killing him was a mistake (Series SPOILERS, you have been warned) (Archived)
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zenandi2610/16 6:31PM
Are all of the DLC modes multiplayer-focused? (Archived)ragnaroxas210/16 5:20PM
Am I just the worst RE player ever? Can anyone help a noob out? (Archived)
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BlazeAssassin1310/16 7:41AM
Is Predator worth getting downloaded? and Why? (Archived)LenKagamineO2710/15 10:51AM
Just bought the game. (Archived)Arrowsedge891010/14 9:10PM
lol training skill + flash grenade + sunglasses on steel beast (Archived)1NN0VAT0R710/14 7:32AM
Thank ReMake Sales and Importantly the Gamecube for the More Action based RE4 (Archived)
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Resident evil on steam (Archived)itachi00310/13 8:12PM
here we go again: Resident Evil 7 rumour (Archived)Neutron15910/12 9:47PM
Name one enemy in RE6, you think they could've reworked better- (Archived)
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FearOfTheLight1510/12 8:07PM
[POLL] Picking Up Items (Poll)
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Goldsickle2010/12 4:35AM
IMO, Claire's character has been tarnished over the last few years. (Archived)
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Agents, Abductors, Chainsaws 2 (Archived)
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I just realized something VERY disturbing... (Archived)
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Should I play as Jake or Sherry? (Archived)
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RE6 World Map on (Archived)icantsee210/9 5:40PM
Shinji Mikami discusses about RE's action focus due to RE REmake's poor sales. (Archived)UltimatesTruth910/9 5:12PM
I still wonder why (Archived)WWP7710/9 5:06AM
Does the Resident Evil Anthology version of RE6 come with (Archived)Zeusty910/8 9:42PM
Well, this game was released a year ago today (Archived)
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darkvoid21001810/8 8:03PM