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Mercenaries help ;w; (Archived)Darkzhooter411/9 12:34PM
Why do people seem to think we need to go back to the old RE to get scary games? (Archived)
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Strong Nudity? (Archived)Acheive2601011/8 2:51PM
RE6 sales at 5.2 million, Rev at 1 million, RE7 most likely for core fanbase (Archived)
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Shooter or Survival-Horror? (Archived)
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I think Helena has more importance than Leon in RE6. (Archived)Claryfray411/7 1:49PM
Here's what I don't get in classic vs RE6 in terms of fight or flee (Archived)
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Which girl in the series has the loudest dying scream? (Poll)sailormoonfetis511/6 3:46AM
Why is it that people who hate RE6 only play on easy or normal? (Archived)
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Poll: Do you use Resident Evil.Net? (Poll)Jx1010911/5 2:53PM
IMO the bosses in RE5 were better than the bosses in this game (Spoilers) (Archived)warrenmats1011/5 2:24PM
Most important character(s) in each game. *Some spoilers are here, beware* (Archived)
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sherry doesnt get enough credit for the final boss SPOILERS!!! (Archived)yusiko911/5 12:02PM
Leon, Piers, Jake or Carla (Archived)JessFloyd511/4 10:19PM
So Sherry has Wolverine-like healing powers.... (Archived)
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EX3 costume recommendations (Archived)DirtyMick511/4 10:15AM
RE 6 is mercenaries. (Archived)
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Which girl in the series has the best hairstyle? (Poll)
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Does anybody else *spoolers* (Archived)ZeeDogge511/3 11:23PM