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whatever happened to claire? (Archived)
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I'm beginning to like Jake.... >.> (Archived)
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I lost everything for Leon and Helena :/ (Archived)David292979/13 5:40AM
Do you think.. (Archived)saleonkennedy59/13 12:53AM
Honest question regarding the hate (Archived)
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RE6 is one of the reasons Capcom maybe in serious financial trouble. (link) (Archived)
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After RE7 (Archived)shotyme49/11 10:58PM
Any point to get A rank on campaign? (Archived)ddoc2559/11 10:51PM
What do you think happened to the people that have been in the same chapter for (Archived)David292939/11 9:28PM
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Game is not that bad: actually fun (Archived)ddoc25109/11 7:19PM
new modes not appearing? (Archived)wollmonster49/11 1:21PM
How do you see RE7's Weapon/Item management function turn out? (Poll)
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I auto quit merc lobby when I joined to a 1.45 and above players (Archived)1NN0VAT0R109/9 4:11PM
Another Video to share, Come in and enjoy and post some of your AMV's (Archived)ShawnReyes1319/9 6:52AM
prologe on pro??? (Archived)Mavidduckey39/8 11:34PM
Campaign playthroughs? (Archived)chrismarblez19/7 11:22PM