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The C-Virus (Archived)
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Preferred camera speed for Mercenaries mode? (Archived)Lelio739/25 8:31AM
Why have they changed Jill and Ada's face? (Archived)
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On sale for 9.99 - Is it worth it? (Archived)
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Are any of the dlc modes worth buying? (Archived)ness200739/24 11:13AM
Looking for Co-op partner to play through the game on No-Hope difficulty. (Archived)ClearClover39/23 11:10PM
Item drop vs ammo drop? (Archived)Patriarch10559/23 7:45PM
ok, whose idea at capcoms was it (Archived)
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More Sniper Wolf Game Play for Piers (Archived)Hendyg69/23 6:16AM
Started playing a couple months ago, need help (Archived)Hendyg39/22 2:13AM
So I just started playing this game (thoughts so far) (Archived)
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Not having much fun with the multiplayer..... (Archived)NitemareFenix49/21 5:58PM
Co-op with a first timer? (Archived)Patriarch10549/21 12:41PM
Best camera settings (Archived)vitonemesis89/20 7:25PM
Third Person or Fixed Camera? (Archived)ParaMorrigan109/20 9:46AM
Remember when people constantly said REmake would never be ported? (Archived)
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