Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak File #2

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I do regret not recording enough online games both on NTSC and Japan when they were still online. Although the NTSC ones that I did record were in VHS. Not the best quality sadly but enough. Good times. Oddly I still can remember a large number of user names from that game even after all this time.

I needs mah fix of SD3. I swear that'll be the first thing I play if we ever get a PSN release with online or someone finally figures out how to run a private server for it.

Indeed. I have to apologize for not staying in contact. It's a long story and a story that still isn't done yet but it's on its final pages. Yeah SD3 would be my first game as well. I'd imagine they'd do that 3D port of the game rendering the PS2 saves useless.
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