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User Info: Shieru18

4 years ago#1
So I was playing mercenaries urban chaos and I had no problem dealing with enemies and still had a combo of 70+ until the bloodshots appear and mess me up. Any tips on how to deal with those things? There's a ton of them and they just spawn out of nowhere.

User Info: SamA7X

4 years ago#2
Fire grenades kill them instantly since they have a big range you can take out an entire group with just 1 grenade. Another way it to counter them, when they jump just press R1, they are the easiest enemies to counter since they are very predictable
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User Info: turtles1236

4 years ago#3
R1 solves everything.

About to get a uppercut to the face? No problem, use R1 to b**** slap them in the face the finish them off with another R1.

About to get ate up by a hungry jumping bloodshot? No problem, throw them on the ground and stomp them on the chest with . . . you guessed it R1.
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User Info: good_tobi

4 years ago#4
R1 counter and grenade
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User Info: Animesetsuna

4 years ago#5
If you have flash grenade, you can use it to stun them but best if you use it when 2nd wave Bloodshot. So I recommend it using grab and counter or incendiary grenade for the 1st wave Bloodshot.
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User Info: makonine

4 years ago#6
Counter with R1 as everyone has said.

You can also kite them. If you see a bloodshot about to pounce just
side step it and counter with R1 so if you miss the counter the bloodshot will miss you anyway.
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