Things Capcom can do to make RE7 terrible if they really, really want it to be:

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************SPOILERS BELOW************

-bring Wesker back, alive or undead.
-bring Piers back, alive or undead.
-bring any RE4 character back, alive or undead.
-bring Carlos back, and keep his removed-of-all-personality, “Final Fantasy’ish pretty boy” design from Umbrella Chronicles.
-don’t bring back Nicholai, the last remaining, no-BS, grounded-ambition villain left in the classic RE generation.
-continue to give Leon only one facial expression and to further let the front of his hair grow another 5-inches every reappearance. (by the time RE10 comes out it’ll look like he’s wearing half of a riot helmet)

-keep bringing up the name “Umbrella” to refer to a new group of antagonists, and furthermore, don’t present any form of closure regarding their (re)formation, their key-players, or their future in the series. (otherwise, Capcom may not leave the game open-ended enough to casually produce another Resident Evil storyline.)
-continue to use terrible, half-assed writing to try and convince us that Wesker would actually have a kid and that said kid would be anything like Jake Muller.
-put another RE1 vet through a hammed-up “horrific backstory clouded by amnesia” storyline to ruin their former, solid personality. (some people call that “character development”; those are the same people that think Naruto and Bleach are well-written shows with fascinating characters, so go figure)
-instead of setting the game in fictional-yet-grounded locations (in RE6‘s case: USA or China), instead, set the next game in ridiculously dumb-sounding (and dumb-looking) locations like in Revelations.
-in regards to the above: remind us that Revelations, with it’s horrible cast of new characters and plot, even exists.

-continue to make us do entire chapters where we bust our asses to prevent a horrible travesty, and when we successfully accomplish our objectives, said travesty happens anyway in a very “wtf“ manner. (ex. Chris & Piers ending in Chapter 4).
-continue to make us do entire chapters because a character is vaguely leading-on another character and they just deal with it for the sake of having a canned-reason for the game to be set in that location. (ex. Leon Chapter 1 & 2 or Ada Chapter 1).
-add more poorly-scripted character moments (ex. Simmons has intel on Ada, reveals the location of said intel and asks if she’s interested. She responds “Not in the slightest.”
After saying that, she then goes to said location anyway. Simmons says “LOL, knew u couldnt rezist!” and she responds “I’m just here to find out what you’re up to, and to take my clothes off.” Now where I come from, when you want to find out what someone is doing, you’re interested. Ada obviously comes from a very different place, like a land where many terrible Japanese writers reside.)
-do anything that resembles the Simmons-Carla-Ada plot device ever again.
-continue to not clarify any of the crazy **** we read in the memoirs file of RE5 Lost In Nightmares.

-add more transformations where the C-Virus turns people into raging nymphos (ex. Deborah).
-add more anime-quality scripting. (ex. “Go ahead and shoot me, just promise me that you’ll survive” and “No more tears until I avenge your death.”)
-cast Johnny Yong Bosch, Stephanie Sheh, Yuri Lowenthal, Steve Blum, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn or Crispin Freeman as major characters.
-let any of the people above do voice direction or script-writing.
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Regarding female characters:
(I gave this it’s own section because this is where fanboys get their feelings hurt the most)

-bring Claire back, but ruin her return in one of two ways:
1.) DO NOT settle the most-likely-retconned-by-now line that Wesker spoke in CVX regarding Steve Burnside. (or just write the whole thing off as “Just something we wrote into the game; it wasn’t supposed to mean anything”).
2.) Randomly pair her together with a little girl, again, for the 3rd time.

-add any female character from “Marhawa Desire” and retain their stupid, over-the-top abilities that makes what Jake does look like it’s practical in RE.
-add more female characters that suffer.
-let Ada keep her new non-Asian, cougar-grin facial design.

-try to further convince us that Sherry wasn’t thrown back into the series (and with agent status) just for fan-service and forced drama. (ex. Reaching for Jake in slo-mo while getting kidnapped, the revelation of her having Wolverine’s healing ability, everything in Chapter 3, etc.)
-in regards to the above, continue to let fan-service decide who gets a longtime-comeback as opposed to bringing back a veteran, combative character that would actually make more sense making a reappearance again in the fight against BOWs. (ex. Sherry over Claire, Rebecca or hell even Fong Ling.)
-continue to allow Ada to be a major plot-device when by the time the game is over all she really did was once again play the ol’ enigmatic-loner role, do the Batman-hook thing, and tease Leon. Again. All while raising a total ****-storm for other people.
-don’t kill-off Ada. Especially don't do it in the brilliantly-executed way we saw "her" get "killed" in Chris, Chapter 4.
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Someone's passionate.
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Never mind.
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Started off great but then turned into another narcissitic spoiled brat who believes the series is theirs and that their opinion is the only one correct, rant that people could care less about.
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See I knew I was right about the female-characters part. Gets them every time!
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Darkside_Hazuki posted...
See I knew I was right about the female-characters part. Gets them every time!

Your only partly right like 5%
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series is fine as is
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Darkside_Hazuki posted...
See I knew I was right about the female-characters part. Gets them every time!

Actually I could care less about the female characters.
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Lol it's been more than 5 years and you haven't changed. I guess it's a good thing

Anyway I agree with pretty much all of this
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if you have to triple post I think that means nobody cares