Shouldn't the characters be deaf by now?

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4 years ago#11
WeskerForever posted...
Phaild posted...

You're welcome

Yeah, I'm pretty sure they don't wear ear plugs. Especially Claire and Carlos.

Implying Claire and Carlos are in more than 2 games.

Shooting a gun doesn't automatically make you deaf...
4 years ago#12
DarkchocolateX posted...
Shouldn't Ada be deaf by now because of listening to her own craptalk all the time?

Also, Shouldn't all characters be dead by now? Yes.. they should all be dead. But this is Capcoms's series and thus everyone is superhuman and can't die.

oh lol.

i think they could have handled that talking to herself thing like it was handled in batman: arkham city.

selina or bruce would talk to themselves all the time, but they were actually thinking. ada could have thought to herself instead of talked and she wouldn't have looked as crazy.

i don't think they should be dead, but i do think they should be retired. wesker is dead, which means, as capcom put it, the chapter 1 of resident evil is over. let chapter 2 begin with new characters, hopefully jake will be a good lead and sherry will come back.
4 years ago#13
I want more explanations.
Contrary to popular belief, there are zombies in RE4 and RE5. They are different than the t-Virus type. Deal with it.
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