People like "RE4 Leon" more than "RE5 Leon"?

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I feel really bored with 6 so I go back playing 4. I don't like Leon in 4 but all I can do is enjoying the game even people feel like the crap game.
....I have real trouble understanding your sentences.

What I mean I can't enjoy any RE games anymore.... Thanks to your complaining.

Wow your letting someone like Edward on a gaming forum effect your enjoyment for a game?

Its one thing he can make a topic dull, but now to ruin someones enjoyment for a series. That's another level.

Ignore works wonders.

anyway I prefer his humor in RE4 myself. I thought the actor was better as well.
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Leon S Kennedy is what made RE4 that much better.

If you replace him with any other character then you won't get the same enjoyment out of it. Personally for me anyway.
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