The only thing worse than zombie dogs are laggy zombies

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Zombie teleports

Well, TC just found out how they're gonna make zombies/enemies even faster and "scarier" in RE7.

The Zombie Matrix.
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for me its, bloodshots...I just don't like facing them
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I mostly play online, since it's more fun that way, and I rarely get laggy games anyway. It was a two-bar connection room, so I thought it was going to be alright. Turns out it wasn't. The lag made enemy behavior incredibly unpredictable. My partner probably thought I was horrible, then again anyone would be when you have zombies teleporting and delaying/advancing their attacks all over the place.

Also, nice username. :3

Thx :3

zombie with no head, biting me ... wtf

That happened to me countless of times.

You're welcome. :3
Well, at least the headless zombies still count towards the kill count if you manage to melee them when they grab you.

You're one of the amazing japanese players aren't you?