How does everyone rank RE6 replayability compared to other RE games?

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slapper1 posted...
I have plated this game and even went so far as to beat the game with all characters on all difficulties (28 full playthroughs) so I adored Campaign mode. However, I still wish there was more incentive for replaying chapters other then grinding for skill points (which you can do in Mercs and far faster at that) or getting platinum/100% achievements. Don't get me wrong, I love this game and do not regret the 200 hours I have dropped into it in the slightest, but more unlockables, more secrets, extra campaign costumes and extra story content would be very welcome.

WOW!! You love this game. Insane. I am sure there are people who played it more than you but this is amazing. Good job.
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I've always replayed the campaigns in every game multiple times before moving on. What I really don't like about this one is the chapter length though.

5 was just right with regards to being able to get in and out of the segments you want to play quickly and easily. Now if I want to get to X point in Jake's campaign for example I need to do the motorcycle ride which I hate.