Why is it funny when...

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edward18 posted...
Can't be any worse than 4's American version was.

Oh no no no.....It's actually better and you would fangasm over it Eddy boy.

@Longstorm: Hmm? Oh, I didn't actually read the whole script but I saw a poster here a bit of time ago who posted some translated lines so then I knew that the script is different and better. :P sorry if I misled you a bit.
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Well, Leon in this game really have a poor joke. I mean really. His joke isn't funny at all and his voice is too boring. As for Ada, I just don't like her voice. When Leon and Ada meet each other in Chapter 2, I was really surprised that they are completely boring characters.
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I think no one would of had a problem if they made it to where we heard everything in Ada's thoughts. Just like how we heard everything in Krauser's mind in Darkside Chronicles...
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