Serious Wesker Talk...

#1sonicsonicPosted 12/3/2012 8:50:46 AM
I don't wanna argue with trolls about whether or not Wesker is alive or dead, but I was just wondering why do people think he is so good ?

I mean in retrospect he is the worst RE villain in my opinion. Cliche, cheesy and completely over the top.In the original RE he was kinda good, it was a nice twist finding out about him working for Umbrella and being an arse, but when he was re-introduced in CV and particularly RE5 any thought or effort to his character was thrown out of the window and they just made him an villain by numbers.

1) Calm evil accent. Check.
2) Working behind the scenes. Check
3) No good reason for wanting to destroy the world. Check
4) Unnatural obsession and hate for the main character for no good reason. Check (Seriously though, Wesker wanted to die in RE1, beat the hell out of Chris in CV and then by 5 he just hates Chris for no good reason.)
5) Ridiculous super powers that make no sense. Check.

Put Wesker in comparison with any other villain and their motives he is seriously weak. (Even for RE)

Saddler wanted to take over America and the world using the Plaga... global domination again, but at least he has mind control over the plaga. Not just complete Uroboros genocide.

Lansdale/Simmons both wanted to cause outbreaks and clear them up to gain themselves more power in the world.

Spencer/Umbrella wanted to create weapons, immortality and that over stuff for his own gain and control over the world.

Alexia was kinda similar to Wesker, but at least her and Alfred were portrayed as seriously troubled mentally from a young age.

... so yeah, why do you like or hate Wesker ?
#2desi_shinobiPosted 12/3/2012 8:56:31 AM
Your not going to get what you want with this topic..

It will be the SAME as the other 50 Wesker topics before it. Skermac and his many alt.accounts and two of the other fanboys will come in

People need to stop with the Wesker topics.

HE'S DEAD..Fact!

(This statement^ alone is enough to get them to go crazy with posts with BS nonsense how he is alive)
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#3largerockPosted 12/3/2012 8:59:54 AM
I like him for that realistically impossible yet happened scene that is the start of REmake. Shooting down 3 dogs at night while wearing sunglasses. Kewl.

Also, like what desi_shinobi said: You ain't gonna get what you want.
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#4good_tobiPosted 12/3/2012 9:27:52 AM
I neither like him nor hate him. Though have to say, don't understand few people's obsession regarding his return to the series.
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#5AiRo1988Posted 12/3/2012 10:14:35 AM
I like wesker for the fact that he was originally a traitor with his own agenda and motives. I find the storyline fitting as overall due to spencers meddlings and own objectives, wesker was in theory a b.o.w, just not a traditional one we are used to in the series.
Spencer was trying to create his perfect new race and although wesker was formidable in a lot of aspects, he had flaws and so ultimately was a failure hence his death. I hope if Alex Wesker is introduced as the next villian then his character takes a step up from Albert and that he may be actually percieved as a superior being. Hopefully nothing over the top though.
#6Orochi_LedePosted 12/3/2012 11:24:51 AM(edited)
Wow, a topic about wesker that wasn't completly full of horse S*** thank you.

He is nothing special, never was, he just got the attention of fan boys because he had "cool shades" and could hand to hand combat, some people have this obession with "cool bad guys" which is why sephiroths name was grossly over used for a long time and still is.

Nothing wrong with liking a character or admiring them obviously, but some people just took it WAY to far thinking he was the "best villan" which is why they cannot accept his death, givin that he wasn't anything near the best,

Mind minipulation, hiding in the shadows and using people, and world domination/destruction is something alot of villans share in games and movies. so it baffles me as to why he has this serious obession. when he shares very common bad guy traits.
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You're one of my best men Chris... I'll let you handle this...
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largerock posted...
I like him for that realistically impossible yet happened scene that is the start of REmake. Shooting down 3 dogs at night while wearing sunglasses. Kewl.

Also, like what desi_shinobi said: You ain't gonna get what you want.

they were Umbrella brand sunglasses. for all you know they could have some form of low spectrum nightvision capability similar to how Ada's functioned as a flashbang in re4.