Is Ada too nice in RE6?

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I was actually thinking that. In 2 and 4 she was always the pro who focused on getting the job done over personal feelings. Though she's generally helpful to Leon and obviously does care about him, she has no problems using him to accomplish her own goals.

I never really thought she had any real problems with bioweapon development/use in general given who she was willing to work for.

I didn't like her change of heart. I preferred the cold Ada who did whatever she needed to to get the job done. I found it contradictory that all of a sudden she's helping out random citizens in RE6 while in RE4 she was working to secure a Plagas sample for Wesker who then turned it into Uroboros which he then used in Africa, his testing ground, killing thousands. If CapCom is going to make her have that drastic of a change of heart we, the fans, need to see the gradual change that has happened to her since RE4.

She technically didn't clear her name of what Carla and Simmons did. She got rid of the evidence that she had a doppelganger. So looking on the incident from everyone's perspective who wasn't involved in the events the world believes Ada was responsible and is now dead.
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In RE4 she was only doing things for herself but in 6 she is helpful to mankind, what's up with that?

reminded me of this............

on topic, thats Leon's effect. Think it was in Umbrella chronicles where she says Meeting with Leon changed me

She isn't hanging out enough with him to rub off on her, or is she? hmmm

who knows...well they had each other numbers all along so who knows....... also "THAT NIGHT" they spent together mentioned in Damnation can also have further effect in her character, its not a sudden change rather a build up through a mix of movies and games.
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