So I'm guessing there will be DLC mercenaries characters eventually?

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Get an S with 14 characters in The Mercenaries

5 characters left.

How come you have 9 characters? I only have 8.

Save edited to get the Agent.

Oh~~~ No wonder..

So those 5 characters might be Claire, Jill, Rebecca, Barry, Hunk . Just guessing.

I really hope personally, that Barry and Rebecca get left out and maybe include Sheva or just keep them and add sheva and wesker later. I do really like Sheva and I would love to see her get a comeback. But I wouldn't mind have Rebecca and Barry though. I don't know but I'm fine with Claire, Jill and HUNK but Hunk and agent look to much alike and he kind of reminds me of the 2013 hunk. But if it were my choice I would have everyone from 5 and 4 mercs.
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costumes are included. i have 14/16

Well that sucks, nothing to see here folks.

Hurray. Costumes.... Really nothing to see here.
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Capcom might give us DLC characters. I hope they will keep throwing us DLC for a c

Of cour$e Capcom will keep throwing u$ $ome of the DLC. I am not really $ure about Capcom 'giving' u$ $ome DLC character$.
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Capcom likes to reuse stuff so any extra DLC characters for mercenaries will probably be ones from RE5 (Jill, Sheva, etc.).
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Im guessing the last character for the achievement is the agent as ive 15/16 on my "a cut above the rest title". Hopefully we will see extra characters in future dlc though.