So now that i've played through the game..

#1LordMordethPosted 12/27/2012 3:45:47 AM
..i'm feeling somewhat conflicted about the game, as there are some really good parts (Leon's chapters one, two and three), some good bits (Jake's chapters one and three, most of Ada's campaign) and then there's the rest of game.

Now granted, i didn't expect much from Chris's campaign (played the public release demo) but damn that was for most parts just different forms of awful, be it dialog or some of the gameplay sequences (like the car chase, need i say more?).

It wasn't all bad though.. as looking past the mehness, Chris's campaign was passable (though the ending was a big facepalm for me) but clearly not as good as the other campaigns.

That said, all in all.. would give the game 7.5-8/10 as the good still outweight the bad and let's face it the game is fun, has good amount of content (even if some of it isn't that great) and when compared to the past titles RE6 is far better game (for me anyways) than RE5 ever was (at least my braindead AI companion can't die now, so that's a huge improvement over the lolSheva bot that did not BUT get herself beaten to pulp on regular basis when i wasn't watching her like a hawk).

So yeah, barring some dlc i'm looking forward to RE7, maybe they'll learn from the mistakes made with this one and give us a more cohesive package next time around that doesn't try to juggle more (fire)balls than it feasibly can. :p
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