Going Back on a previous topic. (re2make) I have a new idea :P (outbreak related

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4 years ago#1
Thinking about it you have a point so i kinda pulled another idea out of my backside...

Someone else mentioned how my idea for an re2make would work as an outbreak file 3...

Well I just thought of an AU title which is kind of a what if scenario where Leon and Claire never came to raccoon city. What I was thinking of was a resident evil game with an interactive story, dialogue system that sort of thing A horror/Rpg hybrid which is somewhat new for the series and does not screw up the canon...coz...well technically its not canon :P also...bringing the series to the 21st century so again this idea is set in 2013

I was thinking something like Dragons dogma. You make your own character with there own appearance and personality with a set surname (for story purposes although followers will use him/her buddy, dude, babe) and you can create 3 followers who are similar to pawns, this could be an online thing as when these followers die they stay dead, multiplayer could involve someone taking control of one of these followers and vice versa. Story wise these characters evolve and build relationships with the player and each other depending on how and how often you speak to them, they do have set names depending on their gender e.g companion 1- John/Jane Companion 2- Chris/Christine companion 3- Joe/Joanne... Obv there will be more names than this maybe 10...coz how many devs are dedicated enough to record hundreds of thousands of lines of script :P

Another feature I thought of was a sort of varied opening sequence kinda like dragon age. You can choose between 3 character origins who are just normal people at the start of the game leading up to the outbreak, and the followers will have the same role. The roles I speak of are: The cop, Who starts off on duty with his/her followers leading up to an encounter with a zombie, the student, Who starts off at a party with his/her friends and losing his/her boyfriend/girlfriend to a zombie attack and must escape the campus with his friends/followers. and finally the nurse who starts out at raccoon city hospital dealing with an sick patient who turns out to be infected and gets attacked, he/she must then escape the hospital via helipad with the help of his/her 3 colleagues. whatever origin you pick you will always end up at the police station which is close to being overrun and the game truly begins there.

Gameplay: Gameplay is similar to the modern titles yet combined with that of outbreak so as to keep it varied. Characters react the the environment showing anger, fear or sadness depending on what is happening. Enemies can come from anywhere and even break through doors to get to you. Combat is dynamic and the characters efficiency with weapons improves as they use them. some characters are better at some things then other, Cops are more efficient with weapons but are not good with healing items like nurses or good at puzzles like students. Enemies are a constant threat and can break through doors or come through vents to get to the characters and followers may flee depending on the circumstances.

Damage and ailment system: Damage is dynamic and localized to different body parts with varying levels of severity. an example would be a licker slashing a character and causing a potentially fatal bleeding gash which hinders movement and the character will bleed out unless treated, broken bones can happen and must be treated with splints these can slow movements and reduce accuracy. Zombie bites can also potentially cause an infected state and unless treated with a blue herb (for conveniences sake) the character main or follower will die and reanimate, this takes about 5 minutes and you can see the character getting sick and delirious. I really enjoyed the poison feature as it kept players on their toes.

Anyway I'll return later to explain more and PLEASE I honestly do care about the fan base and Simply want to bring something new and challenging...in alternate universe form :P

Any questions :)
4 years ago#2
4 years ago#3
ZeeDogge posted...

It's not canon I haven't even finished explaining yet at least the people on the 360 boards are nicer
4 years ago#4
could fit a spinoff game, though i dont like some of it
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4 years ago#5
Neutron15 posted...
could fit a spinoff game, though i dont like some of it

What don't you like :)
4 years ago#6
hell if this topics slipping into obscurity!
4 years ago#7
All I see is a wall of text, I'll read it later and return with an edit.

Okay, honestly...it sounds better than operation raccoon city.
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