For a game that has recieved a lot of negative reviews it seems quite popular.

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Anyone else finding this? Any thoughts?
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Probably because letting one person shape your entire view of something is a terrible, terrible idea and in modern times gamers seem to be wising up to this fact. Also because not as many people hate this game as people think, the ones that do just never shut up.
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I love this game except for the fact that you realize how linear it is once you replay the campaigns. Still, the first time through is an absolutely wonderful experience. It fixes the controls, fixes the camera (with the new patch), gameplay is much more fun.
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I got the game for Christmas; I wasn't planning on getting it because of the bad things I've been hearing about it. But you know.. it's really not that bad. I kinda like it. I really do.
Here's my review~


-Leon's campaign is the closest thing to a Zombies in the city horror shoot-out. I really enjoyed it; and would replay it many times.

-Jake's campaign has a nice comedic feel to it; along with newfound abilities with Jake's melee and Sherry's baton

-Chris's campaign gives a pretty good squad-style third person shooter vibe along with big BOW's and a cool twist at the end with Piers.

-Ada's campaign starts off nice and stealthy and progresses throughout the game showing her viewpoints behind the scenes of the action.

-The story itself may not be as "Resident Evil" as it was back then, but it's still pretty good; voice acting isn't bad.
-Gameplay mechanics feel much better (imo) than Resident Evil 4 and 5;
-I really like the little customization options with the camera and the laser.
-The many different viewpoints you can play through with the incentive of getting skill points for skills and unlocking all weapons for each character gives a good replay value.
-Mercenaries is as fun as ever.
-MASSIVE improvement with the AI partners. You don't even have to heal them, give them ammo, or anything. It is alot more solo friendlier than RE5.

-Story isn't THE best but it's still good.
-Lack of outfits / likeable outfits / option to choose outfits during campaign, and weapon customization along with bigger inventories and my personal favorite tetris inventory from RE4
-Can't skip cutscenes (at least I haven't found a way to)
-Monsters with guns isn't too bad but I do prefer not being shot at.

For 40 bucks sounds like a deal. Getting it for Christmas for free? That's a steal. I really do enjoy this game despite it's bad reputation with reviews.

I honestly haven't had any problems with this game whatsoever; if any at all, the problems are so minute that I can't really think out of the top of my head of any serious problem right now.
But then again, it's only my opinion; and I'm easily pleased. I enjoyed every bit of AC3 and yet people complained about very minute glitches in that game.

I'd rate this game like an 8.5 out of 10. It's a good third person shooter and it's definitely playable, and has a good replay value.

And lastly, I may be contradicting my review but I'd like to say that you shouldn't let one person's, or other groups of individuals' views of a game prevent you from getting it. In the end, you may actually end up really liking it depending on your taste.
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Really? I thought for a game so bad it received a lot of positive reviews.
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This is a very good game thats. my opinion and im sticking to it.
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From: OhhSnap | #004
Can't skip cutscenes (at least I haven't found a way to)

Press Select. If it's your first time playing through the game, you can't skip the cutscenes, unless your partner already did, which will make the Select button appear on screen for you to press as well.
Of course any game on the PS2 that includes stealth elements is going to be compared to His Holiness, Solid Snake. - IGN
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Tster01 posted...
Anyone else finding this? Any thoughts?

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Review = Everybody's opinion?

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Luddites are just working overtime, trying to stink up the forums more than usual with their lies.
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