Ingrid Hunnigan must die!

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Whats wrong with having both? O_o
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No. She is the sexiest of all of them!

Her RE6 model is just a modified Sheva with a horse's face. They even share the same textures. In the words of the legendary Ada Wong - Hunnigan is nothing but a cheap knock off. At best.

Yeah. Please note I found the Sheva business suit to be the sexiest thing I have seen in gaming.

Sheva still did it best though. Ingrid has nothing on the caramel princess.
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Business Sheva > Tribal Sheva > Fairytale Sheva > BSAA Sheva > Clubbin' Sheva

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Ingrid Hunnigan in RE: Damnation is way hotter than her RE 6 counterpart. I like her character btw. Hunnigan and Simmons should be merc characters!
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Seriously she is such a useless character.

that it doesn't matter.