After beating RE6, I think that Chris is gay

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BlueRamza posted...
LOL I think you mean a 4 way. A three-way with Jill and Sheva would be considered normal for a guy.

yes, a 4 way! lol my bad.
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LennoxPatootie posted...
I don't think Chris or Piers chose to be gay.

your either ignorant or a troll, either way you cant choose to be gay.
Im not going to have this argument on a video game forum, but seriously thats ignorant.
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Has Chris ever shown any sexual interest in anyone? It's been a while since I've played Revelations, but I don't recall anything heavy. Most of the Chris + Jill interest is one-sided (from Jill's side), anyway. How one can infer from RE6 that Chris "might be gay" would be the same as someone inferring from RE5 that Chris "might be straight." The guy is too mission-focused to care about sexual attraction.

that bold part made me laugh but honestly, this all is true.

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Chris and Jill in my opinion have a thing going on
Chris and Piers was hawt and they had dat chemistry


Oh, CxP got a good chemistry. Well, not bad. Hurray....

deserves best pair award, what do you think?

LennoxPatootie posted...
I don't think Chris or Piers chose to be gay.

haha what do you mean?so you mean they are.........
Don't need sharingan to see this.
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Nice gamefaqs, way to be homophobes
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