Jake Muller vs old Dante

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3 years ago#31
ridley723 posted...
They say they miss the old Dante
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Doubt anyone here would get the reference. But I knoooow, I knoooow, I knooooow. lol
3 years ago#32
Dante - the videogames answer to Hellsing against Jake? LOL

Dante has fought Marionettes that are more challenging then Jake. Every B.O.W in RE universe would be small fry for Dante.

He sealed Mundas who is pretty much is THE Devil.
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3 years ago#33
Why do people think Jake is superhuman?

Albert was as perfect a human as your going to get. but he was only human (top quality Human) when he did the business with Jake's mother. It wasn't until after when he took the virus that he got superhuman abilities

Jake wouldn't have any of his super abilities just his superior genes (SNAAAAAAAAAAAKE!)

and to the guy before who was confused about the story. Wesker's superior DNA allowed him to take that Virus without it damaging him (until they Deus Ex Machinima'd it in RE5)
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