High scores on U/C- any 1.4 players want to share?

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TL/DR- Looking for high scoring tips-

Noxotic, DevilJc, FerryJan, WowYugi- any tips? (Anyone else can feel free as well, but I know they are pretty hardcore experts :-))

So I was researching YouTube videos, and in my own personal experience have found a few really impressive players that have 1.4-1.43m for a score. My highest was 1.36 w Carla, and my average is generally 1.25-1.31m with the rest of the cast. With a solid partner who knows what they are going, we typically keep the napad alive until the last hit and I see I end with about 12 min on the clock if one of us have TB, 11 min if not.

I'm mostly countering everything, but really at a loss as to how to get the 17-18 min. As I watch the other runs, I see what one player is doing, but obviously not seeing the partner, so really curious if anyone knows how the 1.4 scores happen and how to end with nearly 20 min on the clock.

I typically equip PC, and with the 1 partner I got the 1.35 with, he used TB and I noticed the got the time bonuses at various parts of the match instead of all at the beginning. I'm pretty good at countering, so I'll do most of the first wave, then the dogs, then the fireman- I typically do melee kills to the BSAA since they have guns, (headshot, melee throw). I kill the whopper with a CDG, then counter the several grabbers, then counter the acid spitters, then bloodshoots. I stop countering as effectively when the 2nd firefighter horde arrives, I'll try to pump some iron and then do counters, but they move pretty fast. I'd say I get about 50% of them. Then can easily counter the jumpers, CdG the Whoppers and thats when I feel like things kinda go downhill. I try to counter the dogs- though they are a lot more erratic then the first wave, and it's tough to try and counter them while the Magnum Cops spawn.

That's generally where my question starts since the 120-140 mark I'm rarely doing counters, so it's 100-200 seconds being thrown out.- I main Chris2 these days, so with the magnum cops I typically do CdG. Is it better to wait until they shoot off their weapon and counter? I can't imagine it would be worth it from the time perspective.

Countering BSAA Bloodshots are tough- trying to shoot off their armor when all the zombies are already aggressive and then trying to counter either the standard BSAA or bloodshot just seems like a huge time suck. I can normally put a bit of time back up from 141-149 but it's nowhere near enough to get up to the 17-18 min mark.

Any advice on that? I really think it comes down to at what point the TB bonuses are being hit- as well as the paths that the players take. I never go up on the bridge, I always seem to have a partner that does that at 53 after I kill the whoppe in the arcade. I also noticed that if I stay and kill the pipe zombie that spawns a few moments later, when I leave the arcade, I'll only have 1 or 2 zombies spawn as all of them begin chasing my partner up the bridge, whereas if I leave the arcade right away, I'll get a few of the zombies instead of them heading upstairs.

Knowing there seems to be distaste for high scoring players here, I'm respectfully asking to keep it civil. If you have tips or even theories or observations, I'd be glad to get em discussed, but let's remove the trolling please.
(Exception is BasementDude of course- who gets 10 ehuggies)
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needs more dragons
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zombiabsol posted...
needs more dragons

Lol jerk. Don't use my sayings against me!
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using chris right? try cdg grenade trick during the bsaa bloodshot horde, you might get 21-35 secs depending on how much they try to crowd you

i got lucky and got an uppercut attack while one was transforming, and noticed everything was coming in, so i selected grenade while in the counter animation, throw, and cdg, i got a 28. tried doing it again and got a 21.

(i don't have 1.3 scores but i do this to boost time pretty good, plus less stressful. i think it's worth it, than just trying to counter each and every one because the margin for error of one thing grabbing you outta no where and bullet hell is pretty high, just a suggestion)

ps- oops sorry didn't see chris2, maybe just try it out with the grenade you pick up with the tb