Ratio of male to female players

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^ I suppose nobody would ever complain about virginity ever again lol.
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I should be honest to myself for now. I am a ugly guy. @w@
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largerock posted...
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But its game'faqs', literal or not. Girls are better off hanging around on IGN or something.

Not nice at all! Everyone is welcome here!!

Girl gamers are just as cool as guys, some more so!

I have proof.

See: MakoChanX.

One of the more legendary posters of this board.

Of course there are several females on this board/Gamefaqs. Its just that you can keep track of their number while the males on this site are like a crowd in NYC.
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A guy.
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Every self-identified girl gamer ever.
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Schillinger posted...
Every self-identified girl gamer ever.

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bernhardt123 posted...
I'm a girl! :c

You're only a girl when your cherry hasn't been popped. Which makes you a woman. Woman.
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Schillinger posted...
Every self-identified girl gamer ever.

way to be stupid and generalize, man.
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this topic has some good examples of what i was saying weeks ago.

us girls get so much crap for being a girl and for being in the gaming community.

a guy just said girl gamers are for the most part fat and repulsive, another one generalized an entire group because he has met afew girls who thought pretending to like video games would make guys attracted to her.

i mean, seriously, why?

then you boys complain you can't get a girlfriend, or that girls trade you for ther bad boys or that the ones you get to date, leave you after a month or so.

it's not hard to be respectful.

most girl gamers you meet online are not trying to impress you, are not trying to get a date, are not expecting to be hit on, are not flirting with you. they're simply trying to have a very good time doing something she loves: playing video games. and since the majority of gamers are dudes, its kinda hard to find another girl for a match, all the more reason for why you boys need to grow up and show a little respect and treat them like human beings instead of assuming they want to be treated as princesses who are perfect angelsfor playing video games.