Agent is Ada's one true love

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My friends and I were playing Ada's campaign and when we found out how Agent couldn't open doors or move on ahead we were angry. Then after much times of waiting we started to have fun with Agent and joked how he's Ada's one true love, and that he's so amazing that even Leon fell in love with him as well as Helena, Sherry, Chris, Jake, and Piers and it's a 8-way with Agent in the middle. Then we joked about how Agent is too good to open doors and he doesn't need to use a grapple gun because he can teleport. Needless to say we had a lot of fun with Agent and i just wanted to share my story.
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Agent is a dinker donger
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Well, that would be interesting if it was true, as it would prove even more that she's snapped a few wires in her head from all the zombie stuff and playing triple agent all the time.

She sure already started talking to herself. Falling in love with an imaginary figure is just the next checkpoint in the slippery slope into insanity. lol
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lol I just love his taunt. Best taunt in the game.