The future of Jill's hair

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GamerFood posted...
Screw Jill. I hope RE7 has Leon-Chris Co-Op


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i never would have imagined Jill with red hair. Idk if i would like that. It would remind me of alice from the flims.

Why would it do that?

Yeah why???

I think he is confusing Alice with movie Claire, movie Claire its the one with long red hair.

Movie claire wasn't blonde???

maybe you need a pair of glasses, Ali Larter had red hair in Extinction but he hair looked orange due the yellow filter of the movie.

In RE: Afterlife she clearly has redhair.

Oh right... I just pictured her from heroes xD
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No hair for Jill or Leon.
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I hope she's a brunette again. Hairstyle wise, I liked her RE5 ponytail, though her bobbed hair from RE1/REmake is a classic for me.
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hunter_7289 posted...
No hair for Jill or Leon.

LMAO THIS!!! bald Jill & Leon FTW
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She'll be a redhead in the next game she's in

Please please please please pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease


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she becomes claire's twin
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I hope she dyed it dark brown.
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Im a sucker for brunetts.