Why do people have low opinions of the RE Movies?

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I hear wesker turned into a good guy in the last one lol wtf

I heard that too. I still can't believe Wesker turned into a good guy. lol

lol @ ppl lolling @ wrong info on a movie they haven't even seen lolololol

Wesker doesn't turn good in Retribution. People who think that are dumber than these movies, which is really sad.

Either wesker turned into a good guy or alice, ada, jill and leon became bad guys...

At the end It doesn't really matter because the next movie will suck the same or even more as the last one..

I heard it will be entirely in slow motion

He was using them for his own agenda. It's really not unclear.

Doesn't matter. The story is made by Anderson. So whether Wesker is good or bad isn't the matter anymore.
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Just look what he made to nemesis

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