Ada's Campaign is Morning Wood Hard!!!

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ada is one of my cures for morning wood

I'm willing to bet everyone spent at least 5 minutes admiring Ada's ass at different angels. Lol.

not me. i did it with sherry though.
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I didn't know Sherry had a fine ass... I gotta go back and look.
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It's really not too difficult. Just wait till they turn around and run behind them and do a melee. Now they are dead. If you set off the alarm, they are NEVER GOING TO STOP COMING. You aren't supposed to set off the alarm, so the game punishes you for it.

If nothing else, set off the alarm and then just haul ass to the checkpoint, cause once you pass the checkpoint it resets as if nothing was ever wrong.

You can't try to mash a square into a triangle and then complain cause it doesn't fit. Just get a triangular piece. Aka, the game is straight up telling you to do it a certain way, so do it that way.
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Oh, and Sherry has an amazing ass. Sherry has amazing everything.

Her bum is especially great in the EX2 outfit and those capri's she wears in China.
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