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4 years ago#1
I got this ticket.... and it says i can use it till the end of January...

But.. i'm not sure what it's for.... Sorry if this sounds noobish or weird...

The Ex 3 costumes aren't out yet... and i also heard they're gonna be some 3d Version of the old costumes from older games...

So the outfit not so great... from what i've heard... But i'm still curious about the Tickets...
4 years ago#2
The ticket is for the EX3 costume which is the ugly blocky retro costumes.
4 years ago#3
Yea i knew they were the crappy retro costumes i just wasn't sure if they expired

Once Jan 31st came around... or what.. if so.. that would suck because i'm not on everyday to keep checking on the availability of the costumes heh...
4 years ago#4
the website actually states it will be available to use at the end of january, not that it expires then. No expiry date has been announced.
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