What to expect as Agent in campaign *spoilers*

#1skermacPosted 1/19/2013 1:23:11 PM
Those that have played as Agent already know this. Today I did a search for online games and for the first time since Agent was added I saw someone playing Ada's campaign so I jumped at the chance to play as Agent. It was fun at first then I realized I could not open chests or pull levers or anything. Basically all I could do was kill enemies. When Ada used the zip gun I magically appeared beside her. Halfway through the chapter there was a communication error, thanks to Capcom's servers. I messaged the guy but he didn't speak english so I went and played chapter 1 of Leon's campaign with a random and unlimited ammo, fun fun. Surprisingly no comm error that happens too often.

Agent started off with a knife and the 909. Kinda fun, but sucks he couldn't do anything. But it's to be expected since he doesn't exist and Ada's campaign wasn't meant to be co-op.
#2celljr89Posted 1/19/2013 2:11:40 PM
My friend and I were playing all the campaigns together, fresh and on No Hope, and when we got to Ada's I was Agent. With mics its actually hilarious, because you laugh at how stupid it all is (teleporting and what not XD) The most hilarious moment is Chapter 5. When Ada steps onto the elevator after the T-rex Simmons fight, Agent is already on the elevator XD