Is healing suppose to be hard to come by on Proffesional or do I just suck? :(

#1SunricerPosted 1/24/2013 3:00:21 AM(edited)
Newbie here, just began playing like a day or two ago. Started Chris campaign first, cause I'm not really a fan of Chris and want to get through it first for that reason. I find myself without healing a lot, I guess if I got better at not getting hit, it wouldn't be a problem. It's easier when a friend of mine plays, but alone with the AI and I get hit a lot.

I've found 2 herb combinations at the start of chapter 1. That's about it. Granted I've not even completed Chapter 2, but I've not seen any healing since those herbs at the start of the Campaign.

Is healing really this rare or does it have to do with the difficulty? Any tips until I get used to the controls? Like, secret attacks or tactics or something?

Unrelated: I'm enjoying this game more than I thought I would.. Was the option to change the camera always there? As in the demo I couldn't change it and it really annoyed me. Game is a lot more enjoyable once I adjusted it.
#2BasementDudePosted 1/24/2013 3:22:36 AM
chris is probably the hardest campaign to start
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#3Sunricer(Topic Creator)Posted 1/24/2013 3:46:46 AM
I don't mind that it's hard, but does that mean the other campaigns are a bit more generous with healing items?
#4sidebeardPosted 1/24/2013 4:10:36 AM
I think herbs are less frequent as enemy drops in Professional in general but the fixed locations of herbs stay the same.

If you play solo and equip the Field Medic skill your partner will heal you every time you enter dying state.
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#5Sunricer(Topic Creator)Posted 1/24/2013 4:43:43 AM
Does that work on online coop as well? Or would they give me healing from their own supply? (Since I assume the AI has infinite supply of healing)
Can I go back and replay chapter 1 and get some healing there and bring it over into Chapter 2?
#6xokennyxoPosted 1/24/2013 5:16:24 AM
In co-op online, your partner gives you their health tablets from their own supply.

Yes, you can replay Chapter 1 and bring over the items to Chapter 2.

Hope that helped.
#7Sunricer(Topic Creator)Posted 1/24/2013 5:19:50 AM
Yeah it does, do I need to complete the chapter to get the healing or can I grab it and quit at a checkpoint?
#8aPimp_named_leEPosted 1/24/2013 5:41:58 AM
healing items seem much more scarce than in 5, so try to conserve as much as possible. also, dying is not a bad thing since you spawn with full health at checkpoints (except on no hope mode)
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#9kakarotozeroPosted 1/24/2013 5:45:22 AM
sunricer posted...
I don't mind that it's hard, but does that mean the other campaigns are a bit more generous with healing items?

in pro you only find like 2 or 3 green herbs and 1 red herb, and 1 spray
#10Sunricer(Topic Creator)Posted 1/24/2013 6:00:04 AM
Last question, if I play as Chris in Chapter 1, does my inventory transfer when I go back to Piers?