capcom explains re revelations high price (50 bucks)

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3 years ago#31
I was pretty ticked off that they removed 3d support, claiming that it was not possible on all formats, wich is BS I mean if a game like doom 3 can run in 3d on all consoles why cant resident evil? and even the latest re movies are in 3d but NONE of the console games besides the 3ds version, but i still may get this if it add plenty of extras
3 years ago#32
Be happy it not $60
3 years ago#33
Alky88 posted...
Wow, enemies and items are now random? That's simply amazing.

They have that in RE3.

Also there are minor randomization in RE5.
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3 years ago#34
I'll probably pay the piper. Revelations game play is solid. I hated passing on Revelations from before, but I couldn't justify the price tag just to play it on a hand held system. I just hope there won't be more of the, on disk DLC, we will have to pay for later.
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3 years ago#35
I remember when they were originally gonna charge $50 for the 3DS version. At the time I thought it looked like they were putting a lot of resources and polish into the game to justify the $50 price tag. Once they announced $40 as the price, I was stoked, and as soon as it was released I bought it.

After beating the campaign on all the difficulties, as well as unlocking everything on Raid Mode (and hittting level 50), I can confidently say the game is not worth the $50 asking price. Not that it's a bad game (in fact, just the opposite), but it doesn't feel like a console game. It feels like an "on-the-go" sort of game (which makes sense, since it was made for a portable device). The episodes range from about 10-20 minutes each (which is fine if you're taking a train/bus ride, or need to kill a couple of minutes... Raid Mode is even more "bite size").

For me, a higher resolution, and retextures don't justify the ridiculous $50 price tag. I'm content with my 3DS copy. The game's really good, but not amazing.
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3 years ago#36
saberstrom posted...
SolidStryder posted...
deemahdeemah posted...
saberstrom posted...
its no a port, its a major re-work with new enemies and stuff. why wouldnt it be worth full price not being a port?

Exactly. It's not a "let's just burn this game to a Blu Ray and sell it" situation. There's quite alot of effort going into this with all the re-texturing and remodeling, etc. Suck it up people. We're getting an optimized-for-consoles version of the game.

Optimized for consoles? It's a pretty version of the core game with some bonuses. Same cheap looking animations that were the result of limited handheld technology, doesn't look anywhere near as fluid as 6 or 5 when in motion. Its a port lol, a late to the party but nearly full priced port. I'll wait for a price drop.

it has new enemies and other content. a port does not add new content, so this is not a port, sorry.

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3 years ago#37
Man f' Capcom. The MSRP for Revelations at the moment is $20. This should be $40 at the most. Even then it's a tough sell for me.
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