If Capcom decided to reboot the Resident Evil series, like DMC, reactions?

#21IamthekuzalolPosted 1/29/2013 9:55:19 AM
Reboot themselves and i will be alright personally though i don't see the point of a reboot.
#22Zantetsuken_14Posted 2/4/2013 1:34:45 AM
PyroSpark posted...
Honestly, ninja theory rebooted DmC in a hundred different horrible ways.

I can't see how RE could possibly be rebooted in such a way. RE6 was a great finale game though. I wouldn't mind a fresh start to continue off of the hype from RE6.

*looks at Operation Raccoon City....
#23Neutron15Posted 2/4/2013 1:44:49 AM
I want a reboot / what if scenario game
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