I'm so excited for the Rooftop Mission

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allenxiong24 posted...
some info of the new maps from 2CH

Rooftop Mission (zombie map)

Whooper x 3;Ubistvo(chainaw guy) x1 ;Napad x1;Ubistvo x2;Whooper x3;Whooper x1

Creature Workshop (neo-umbrella j'avo)

Ubistvo x1;Napad x3;Napad x4

Don't know whether this contains hidden boss or not, it seems Rootop Mission is hard as hell. Creature Workshop looks similar to Steel Beast.

7 Whoopers in total, maybe agent and Leon will have a good time? Magnum bullets won't be enough to kill all of them it seems, maybe there are remote bombs that can be collected in the map.

I also heard that the zombies in rooftop mission is similar to those Mining the Depths ones. So Jake might be a weak character here. It eeems Carla and Chris would excel in this stage.

Oh god, two maps with the Ubistvo? I guess Capcom really didn't care about the high-scoring players.....There's a reason why nobody spawns this guy in Rail Yard.

Well, at least there are a few Napads that count as bosses.
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7 whoppers?! Ouch. Whopper supreme maybe?

i HATE these thing because without remote bombs or grenade..they are hard to kill without wasting magnum bullets. Maybe the stage has lots of grenade or hazards?
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Zombie Map
Zombie Map
Zombie Map
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For some reason I enjoyed Rooftop Mission as a zombie map surprisingly since I hate zombie maps.

Hidden boss is the Napad unlocked by X unknown CDGs.
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isn't that chainsaw freak there too?
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MonkeyKrazy07 posted...

sweet thanks
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Default Piers rocks this map (the other new one, too).
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how much longer do use ps3 users have to wait??!!

the 360 people are ahead of us!!!!!!! they both should have been released at the same time. NO FAIR!!!!!!!!
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