Resident Evil 6: Deleted Scenes

#1coolmig01Posted 1/28/2013 6:11:36 PM
I'm bored, can't you tell? LOL


Leon: Ada wait!

Ada: nah, bro.

Leon: Ada, f***** wait! X(

Ada: Ciao Lee!

*grapple guns her way out*

Ada: Wheeeee! :D

Chris: Ada! Stop! I wanna kill you! >:O

Ada: No thanks, Cres. Bye! Go play with Pears.

*Spidey swings away*

Chris: ....C***. hey Pears, u like pee pee in ur butt?

Piers: I won't stop until i do, captain!

Chris: Atta boy, Pears. Atta boy.


Sherry- Hey Jaik. U like my butt?

Jake- Shorri, please.

Sherry- k. Im gonna get naked and change in front of u so u can look it.

*takes off hospital gown. Jake stares at her*

Jake- Dat a##!



Leon: Hunnigun, i need to fake my death.

Hunnigan: Leon, what's wrong?!

Leon: Nutting. I just don't want to come in on Friday.

Hunnigan: Yeah..... No.


Hunnigan: whaaaaaat?!?


Hunnigan: goddammit LeAnn! I'm hanging up!
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you know if you are bored and you like those fanfic sitcom style RE6, you could check deviant**t.
just in case you do not know...they have tons of them.
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Best thing evar.
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