Your Resident Evil/Biohazard Collections

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TVthePunisher posted...
tevin1569 posted...
TVthePunisher posted...
tevin1569 posted...
My collection is nothing.. :P

-Resident Evil Directors cut
-Resident Evil 2 (PSN)
-Resident Evil 3 (PSN)
-Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition
-Resident Evil 6
-Resident Evil Degeneration

And I know some people might not think this counts but I like them soo...
-Resident Evil
-Resident Evil Apocalypse
-Resident Evil Extinction
-Resident Evil Afterlife
-Resident Evil Extinction.

Still good, though no 4? =/ Also I saw you said Extinction twice ;>__> I guess you meant Retribution, unless you have two copies (which is fine, I have three copies of the first movie...from the Special Edition, Deluxe Edition and finally the Resurrection edition which came with both RE1 and Apocalypse).

Yeah I meant Retribution. But I do have 2 RE Extinctions(which is my least favorite one...-__-). I don't have 4...truthfully wasn't much of a fan, it was still a nice game, I'm not hating it haha. I have a hard copy of RE Apocalypse, it was some special addition.

Nah it's alright, RE4 more so than the earlier games feels much different after going through RE5 and RE6. You might end up being used to the freedom in controls of RE6 and when going back to RE4, it's almost like you're being restricted. Of course that might just be me.

As for the movies...I honestly don't like them much that either ;>_> but they're way or the other. And since Outbreak so graciously used the font from the movies, I'd say that counts them into the series just a bit more. Though of course nowhere chronologically, a completely separate alternate universe.

I already tried to play RE5 after I played was weird. I like the movies..just a Extinction was terrible for me. I love Outbreak, they were fun, wouldn't mind seeing them brought back but instead of Raccoon City maybe Tall Oaks. It's not cause of 4's playstyle, I just wasn't much of a fan of the game, re2 was my favorite Re game followed by 6 for some odd reason.
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Mitochondri0n posted...
TVthePunisher, I have a question for you. Why do you have multiple copies of the same game? Are you a scalper or do you plan to sell them or something?

Collection purposes. The different coverarts and styles of the boxes in the Resident Evil/Biohazard series is unique enough to warrant purchasing an additional copy. I have no intentions of selling nor am I a scalper. Just my personal outlook on it, I can see why others wouldn't want to do that.
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My collection is weak and feeble compared to others but here it is.

Resident Evil 0 (GC)
Resident Evil 1 (GC)
Resident Evil 2 (PS1)
Resident Evil 3 (PS1)
Resident Evil 4 (PS2)
Resident Evil 6 (PS3)
Resident Evil: Degeneration (DVD)

Borrowed RE5 from a friend.
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Here's my crappy collection:


RE 4 (Wii)
RE: Umbrella Chronicles
RE: Darkside Chronicles
RE5 (PC)
RE6 (PS3)


RE: City of the Dead


RE Degeneration


Biohazard Degeneration original soundtrack (NO, it's not a bootleg)


REVelations (3DS)
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forgot again some games, resident evil outbreak 1+2, gun survivor 1+2, resident evil the first movie and degeneration and a degeneration shirt

TVthePunisher posted...
Ah man you reminded me, I do have one shirt myself currently. It's of a gun, S.T.A.R.S issued, with a bunch of zombies behind it and "Resident Evil" written on the barrel. I used to also have an Umbrella-HUNK shirt, which was pretty neat but I have no idea where it is. Plus it was a small...I mean I can still wear smalls, but....yeah x.x; got it from FYE when they were still relevant.

never seen those before. the one i had was of a zombie from remake on the back, on the front was a capcom logo and on the sleeve was a gamecube logo
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#26AnimesetsunaPosted 2/3/2013 7:40:55 PM
My weakest collection.


Don't know PS & PS2 games gone. I have RE4 digital copy. I will buy CVX digital copy if I have more wallet money because my current wallet money enough to buy all 4 DLCs mode. ^^
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;>_> don't be down on yourselves guys (lots of you saying you have crappy collections, when've paid for just what you need to to experience this series). I already felt pretty feeble due to this guy's collection in my Xbox 360 version of the thread:

That's from user levyjl1988...I mean, as much as I've obtained...that's probably cost him more than I can even dream of. I even feel like looking at that put my own collecting habits into perspective...I could continue buying up any RE/Biohazard title I see or...moderate my purchases, otherwise find myself in a hole relatively quick.
What is a "True Fan"? One who can never be pleased with change, that disregards anything following the "classic games". Disgraceful fools.
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Still have two more games on the way, mainly another big PC box like RE2 at the bottom. I threw DMC in here for good measure, hell...RE4 sort of created that wonderful series =)
What is a "True Fan"? One who can never be pleased with change, that disregards anything following the "classic games". Disgraceful fools.
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Bump ;>_> curious to see what other collector's we have out there. Unless all the collector's here already posted x_x
What is a "True Fan"? One who can never be pleased with change, that disregards anything following the "classic games". Disgraceful fools.
#30sbn4Posted 2/10/2013 12:06:16 PM
Had nearly everything RE (except survivor/gen survivors) related up until last year. But most of my stuff got stolen. Now all I have is:

Mercenaries 3DS
RE4HD (360)

I still need to buy RE2. But its still pretty hefty online.
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