Sherry EX3 Preview (Look before you used your ticket!)

#21The 1 Executioner(Topic Creator)Posted 1/31/2013 6:01:15 PM
I don't really mind the blockiness of the retro costume. At this point, I'll take anything that is new in Merc from Capcom, especially when it's free. Do I want the HD version and a different loadouts? Of course, but Capcom will never allow that to happen.

Also, it would be weird to see polygon Sherry getting cut by Ubvisto....
It's like a hot knife cutting through butter....
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#22dodgekk9Posted 1/31/2013 6:08:53 PM
The 1 Executioner posted...

I like to see far no vid out there yet.

I just did a quick run of EX3 Ada on MtD. After the Strelats died during a combo saver, I just played conservatively the rest of the game.
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