Creature Workshop Default Sherry Solo 1.38

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Video contains strong language. lol

This is my highest score yet. But hold your ooos and ahhs..because for THIS stage, I have a feeling that this is a LOW score. You'll score 1.3 just by doing the 150 combo. And on that need to keep the chainsaw guy alive.. KILL THAT BASTARD!!! The Chainsaw boss seems to spawn from melee kills like High Seas, but I'm unsure about this. You can probaly hold it on this map, but with 5 Napads spawning late in the combo..I don't see a reason to.

You see...there are 3 Napads at the 50 that's at least 30K..and there are FIVE of them at the 110 that's at least 150k...180k total just by killing all the napads alone. This is even more than killing a boss at 150! The full combo alone gives you 1.02, add 180K from the napads and you get 1.2. Bewteen the chainsaw guy and the mutations, you'll get 1.3. So the remaining score comes from your time and how long you held the Napads. I'll try holding the 5 napads to 140+ once the online event for this level starts. I don't see a point to holding the first 3 napads because I can assure you that the chainsaw guy will kill them.

I have a pretty good path to collect the time bonuses, but I'm sure there are better ones. The layout is confusing as hell. You can hold out pretty much anyway as long as you space you kills. The main problem with this level is you only get 1 free green herb. This isn't a problem for people who start with lots of pills like Jake, Ada, or Carla, but I main Default Sherry. So I had to restore my stamina by taunting. After killing the snipers I'm fine cause they drop green herbs, so I'm free to CGD without worrying about my stamina. There's also limited grenades on this you need to make them count.

Jake is all over the top leader board scores right now, and they all have 1.5 mil!! Damn you Jake and your cheap hand to hand easy CDG setup with your 10 free pills and your 2 flash grenades AND a Magnum to top it of. My sherry score is currently rank 49, but it won't be there long. I'll get a better score when the online event for this level starts. Anyway, enjoy the vid.
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