Chris' sexuality (and others)

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It seems we have a debate going over character's sexuality. I have compiled some canon evidence that shows what their orientation are. Please refrain from making rude comments or insulting other people. This is, in no way, intended to be hurtful. It serves only as some insight. Characters can be viewed in any way the players want and we should respect that.


Understand this scene: Chris and Jessica met up with Jill and Parker. Jessica throws herself on Chris, and he pushes her away while talking to Jill. They swap partners, Chris and Jill go on their way while Jessica mentions to Parker that Chris nevet got the hint she wanted him. Parker, while looking at Chris and Jill walking away, says that maybe he's already taken. We also get a change of personality from Chris this moment, when he becomes softer and hands Jill a device that could lead them to the virus location. Locations he marked for her. He was never this sweet with Jessica.

Unused Dialogue, but it holds a lot of meaning.

And here he leaves Jessica talking to herself while he mutters to himself like he's in a crony, romantic movie that he will find Jill.

Viral campaign for RE5 in which he's on a date with a woman.

The book I mentioned in another topic. I wish I could find the part where he asks Jill to date him. I will find it, eventually. Here are the first three chapters tranlasted, though:

This part is from the canon and official noveliazation that came with RE5. It's the scene where Chris looks at a picture of Jill on his phone.

'“Chris is staring hard at a statue of a sleeping beauty. He’s like a person looking at his lover through a mirror, where the other side of the mirror is a different dimension.”

Scrool to 21:21, please. This one I admit doesn't tell much, but it's adorable how freaked out he gets when Jill is in danger:


The scene in the book where Chris flirts with Jill without a shame in the world:

This is a famous one. He was willing to let millions of people die for one girl.

Although this is fanart, it's a copy of the original Marvel vs Capcom poster. The artist drew only Chris and Morrigan, but that's exactly how they stand in the official poster:

There are more, but I'm a bit tired. The evidences of Chris sexuality always comes through with Jill, while Jill flerts and gets flerted on with others all the time. Still, going by this and by years of Chris/Jill marketing, and the orifinal reunion in RE1 where he carsses Jill' s when he meets her, and the REmake with the sleeping scene, the holding hands in the original as well, Chris is straight. The viral video and unused dialogue should be enough proof.


This is the character Piers has a thing for on the manga.
I sadly, have no scans. I will try to do so myself and psot them here later.


It's pretty obvious.


Also obvious.

The girls are also all straight, given that they're almost always there for romance and support of the male protagonist.
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Don't post ever again. Yours faithfully: everyone.
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in some unused dialogue in re5 he tells jill that he likes younger girls.
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darkvoid2100 posted...
in some unused dialogue in re5 he tells jill that he likes younger girls.

I've postedthat here.
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ssj_duelist posted...
Don't post ever again. Yours faithfully: everyone.

Extremely sorry you feel offended, extremely sorry your pairing has no canon evidence of being canon, extremely sorry Chris' sexuality has been explicitaly showed case time and again, extremly sorry you disagree with me, extremely sorry I offended you somehow, extremly sorry you have to go insulting me for clairifying a character's sexuality which has been proven time and again.
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things escalate very quickly on this board
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ssj_duelist posted...
I'm extremely sorry that you think most of your evidence is canon. Well I'm sorry for your ignorance at least. I'm also sorry you feel such a desire to shove this crap down people's throats out of your own repressed homosexuality.

My repressed homosexuality? There's nothing repressed about it. I have identified myself as bisexual ever since I was 14. Now what do you have to say to me? Please don't make assumptions ever again. You do not know me.

All the evidence I have gathered is, indeed, canon. The games are canon, the book that came with RE1 is also canon, the novelization of RE5 is canon, the unused dialogue, although not used, duh, is canon to some degree and the viral campaigns, while not canon, show Chris as a straight male. Like all of his appearences.

Again, i'm sorry you're offended, but the things I've offered? Not taken out of context. Are you going to tell me Revelations isn't canon?
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ssj_duelist posted...
I'm extremely sorry that you think most of your evidence is canon. Well I'm sorry for your ignorance at least. I'm also sorry you feel such a desire to shove this crap down people's throats out of your own repressed homosexuality.

i will quote melanie on this:

revelations isn't canon?
marhawa desire isn't canon?
resident evil 5 isn't canon?
resident evil 1 and the book that came with it (note: the book came with the game, like, say, the vergil chroncles came witht he french version of dmc) isn't canon?
the official novelization of resident evil 5 isn't canon?

they are.
they all show chris' sexuality. so far, he's a straight male who might be in love with jill. takeuchi said so, producer of re5. you're going to tell me his opinion doesn't matter?

and what is it with you people assuming things over here?

she disagreed with you, so she's a repressed homosexual? well, at least you got owned and ran way, right? she just stated she's bisexual yet you call her repressed and homophobic. congratulations. you don't want to be insulted, yet you insult everyone else.

she never once was insulting towards the gay community, she simply proved and offered canon evidence of what we already knew.

is this going to be like the chrisxwesker thing in re5 all over again?

no one is saying you can't view them as gay or write about them as gay, but canon wise, they are not.
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