Hello :) Just rented this game...

#1LegendaryWraithPosted 2/3/2013 10:59:23 AM
And i'll be hopping on in a bit, was looking for someone who would be interested in playing through the story mode with me online, I have a headset if ya wanna chat, if not that's perfectly fine too as it would let me listen to the game while we play. So..yeah..haven't touched it yet, not the best at shooters and kinda had to get this game because the rental place put the wrong game inside DMC (they gave me Devil May Cry 4 instead of the new game) so when I took it back they said "oops we don't have DMC in" sooo...stuck with re6 haha.

my psn is Sephy_Strife and I don't typically play scary games cuz..well..they are scary..but if any friendly/patient people want to play some story mode please feel free to add me and I will try not to die much. Thanks again :)