merc strat with helena and ada?

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4 years ago#21
holy crap, sniper rifle rapid fire is way more spammable than magnum because of ammo drop.

btw, how exactly does un-aim -> counter work? so you press L1, then let go of L1, can you then just mash R1 to get the counter? the duration time from aiming and un-aim isn't that long is it?
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4 years ago#22
Aim countering works best if you already know when the counter timing is for the enemy you are trying to counter. It works because an R1 action cannot normally be performed while lowering your weapon.

As everyone knows, the gun lowering animation time is very short, but during this window tapping R1 repeatedly does not cause a melee attack. It's not really a foolproof solution to countering as it only adds a couple extra frames of "play" to your counters, and you already need to know when the counter is coming to do it right.
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4 years ago#23
is there no easy way to deal with dogs other than counter? but counter doesn't work if they get me from behind. quick shot is too slow when I am using assault rifles or ammo box.

how do you deal with dogs past 50? enemies massive spawning but and there are usually at least 4~5 dogs coming at the same time. is there some location I have to go do that dogs have less advantage? like maybe going into a corridor?

couldn't deal with them in urban chaos, and still couldn't deal with them in mining depth either.
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4 years ago#24
If you haven't mastered countering dogs yet, you could always just melee kill them instead.

Carla - Freeze rounds
Sherry (Default) - Stun rod
Chris (Default) - Knife
Jake (Default) - Hand to Hand
Jake (Alternate) - Knife
Agent - Knife

All will work.
4 years ago#25
The best way to deal with dogs is to be prepared ahead of time for them to spawn, and when they do spawn be where they are at and/or be ready to stop what you're doing and concentrate on just dogs. Urban Chaos dogs spawn at 20 and 120 (not 100% on second wave but it's between 110 and 120). And if one spawns at each spawning point you'll have five or six dogs.

Don't let them crowd around you. When you hear the dreaded nails clicking on the ground, finish what you are doing and begin moving and looking around. The weakness of the dogs is the fact that they crowd together. Start moving to get lined up with one of the dogs so that you can counter it; chances are there will be more than one dog and if you can get two or three focused on you it's an easy +20 or +30.

It doesn't always work out for the best. Dogs in Mercs are just one of those things you have to be prepared for. Either be prepared to kill them somehow or be prepared for some unfair stuff to happen to you when one you didn't know was there pounces you. If you're playing solo Mercs and you really don't want to deal with them just blast them as soon as you can. They're much harder to deal with solo.

Helena (D), Ada (D), and Ada (EX), don't really have instant kill melee options, but you can kill them. Quickshots from Helena's handgun or either one of Ada.default's weapons should instant kill (you might have to be close with the Ammo Box). A couple shots with Ada.EX's machine pistol should kill.
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4 years ago#26
Volren617 posted...
For zombies a decent alternative is to aim for her arm stun melee (elbow drop) as zombies are rather easy to arm stun (this is the simplest method).

exactly where in the arm should I shoot? forearm? upper arm/shoulder? sometime I didn't get them to turn around and only kick prompt got activated.
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4 years ago#27
It should be anywhere in the arm. You'll know if it's an arm stun because the zombie will do a half-turn leaving it's back facing you. It's harder to tell what is the arm hit box when it's closer to the shoulder so to be safe I'd say it's anything from the bicep down.
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4 years ago#28
how do you maximize countering in merc? is there a best environment to set up for countering in merc? I know wide opening area is not that great because your viewing angle doesn't cover all the enemies around you

other than awareness of spawning points, what can you do so that everything goes right?
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4 years ago#29
still can't get the most out of fast switching sniper rifle.
every time I switch from MP-AF to sniper rifle after I made sure I was aiming at their body, I checked the scope my aim is still way off.
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4 years ago#30
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