Wow...Capcom Officially Brands Resident Evil 6 A "Failure"......

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3 years ago#1
Failure? For real? Word from Capcom???

3 years ago#2
wheres the layoffs crapcom!? somebody has to pay for this travesty! maybe your president!
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3 years ago#3
It's good that they admit that, You realize other companies will hype their games even if they're absolute crap?
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3 years ago#4
Because it is. Capcom can admit to their own faults.
3 years ago#5
We should stop calling Crapcom and start calling Failcom instead.
3 years ago#6
Capcom has this morning released it's latest financial report, confirming they have posted net sales of 72.69 billion for the period between April and December - up 44% year-on-year, accounting for net income of 6.64 billion. Their operating income rose to 9.83 billion, a rise of 45.9% year-on-year

Yeah, don't see the failure yet.
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3 years ago#7
Well, considering it is the worst out of the main Resident Evil and terrible design decisions... it is a failure.

Not saying it is a bad game, but I really don't feel like playing it over and over again like RE1-4.

Heck, even RE5 was more fun in co-op...
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3 years ago#8
Capcom should say an Annette quote: Our research was a Failure
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3 years ago#9
the failure in here is them having a fairly ludicrous sales expectation from their games. just going from the data on 4, 5, and 6 it's fairly evident. Resident Evil 4 sold a total of 7.04 million units as of July 2011 and that one is across all formats. RE5 on the other hand has sold 5.9 copies worldwide as of September of last year.

those are figures of sales that took years to accumulate. Capcom wanted 6 to sell more than half of how much 4 sold in a much significantly shorter span of time.

soooo.... yeah. it's not so much a failure as it is the company having very lofty goals and not having the common sense to realize it.
3 years ago#10
At least a different source was cited this time.

Again, seeing as how in the same source, Dragon's Dogma was considered a success because it sold 1 million copies, but RE 6 is considered a failure for only selling 4.8 million, I think this is just another example of why EXPECTATIONS shouldn't be used as a measure of success.

I still advocate using whether or not they turned a profit (and I don't know if they did or not) and the relative size of the profit vs development costs as the closest thing to objective.
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  3. Wow...Capcom Officially Brands Resident Evil 6 A "Failure"......

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