How should default Sherry handle the Double Ubistvos in solo?

#1DarkkefkaFFXPosted 2/7/2013 12:41:12 AM
Default Sherry doesn't start off with any grenades... so she's limited.

I've already 150 comboed this level in solo a few times..but here's my isse. Sometimes I don't know what to kill those things with. At the 1st have a Flash Greande, Flame grenade, Hand Grenade, and Remote Bomb.

I usually Remote bomb this one..then hit it with a Flame Grenade, and after that I can kill it with a few handgun Bullets. My main issue is the 2 that Spawn at 90-91. I try to hit both of them with one Handgrenade..then finish them with the Magnum..but they are tough to stumble and they keep moving. This wouldn't be a problem if they didn't quickly kill like 4 enemies leaving only them on the screen..and at that time, the BSAAs are about..meaning that I might need to taked time to kill them before the combo drops. I always save the barrels for the whoppers.

Would I be better off running stairs and using the barrels on them and save the Hand Grenade and the new remote Bomb for the 4 whoppers? I try not to do this because once you go up there, you free ther trapped napad from those chainsaws will kill in one shot. it's eaier to hold the chainsaw on the roof, but they kill napad.

What should I do?
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